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Neural Mobilization

Neural Mobilization is a way of thinking about the body that uses the nervous system as a frame of reference. This is often helpful whenever one is experiencing tingling, numbness and other "nervey" sensations.

The length, elasticity and irritability of the nerves and spinal cord are used to guide treatment and home care decisions.

Neural tension tests are used to physically assess nerves. There are conventional tests like the straight leg raise that are often used to identify when a nerve is irritated.

Sensitizing Movements Identify Where Nerves are Compressed +/or Irritated

What is unique to Nerve Mobilization are the sensitizing movements that are used to identify which branches of a nerve are affected as well as where they are most compromised. This approach has been explored most fully by David Butler, PT. For more information on David Butler's approach go to the Neuro Orthopaedic Institute at http://www.noigroup.com

Neural Mobilization can be helpful for sciatic nerve pain, thoracic outlet syndrome, tennis elbow and many other problems associated with the spine and extremities. Patients may be able to do this at home after proper instruction from the physical therapist.




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